F e a s t T a b l e
(min 10 guests.)

I N C L U D E S:

B A G E L / C R O I S S A N T B A R :

- Bagels (Seeded + Plain)

- Croissants

- Smoked Salmon

- Grandmother Ham

- Brie Cheese

- Cream Cheese

- Capers

Y O G H U R T + M U E S L I B A R :

- Greek Yoghurt

- Dried Muesli

- Frozen Berries


- Banana Bread

- Bliss Balls

- Fresh + Dried Fruit

- Jam

- Honey

- Assortment of Emma + Tom's Fresh Juices (
$3.80 per unit)

*Not available as Gluten Free/Vegan

Please note the above inclusions serve as a guide only and may vary seasonally as well as a result of product availability.

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